Coulsdon Court History

Coulsdon Court was built on the grounds of Byron's house. At the time the course was commisioned the house and grounds were owned by the Cearn Family and they decided to build a private course which has a totally different layout today. The course was opened in the late 1920s and the pro was Leslie Cotton. In the early 1930s the Cearn family sold the course to it's members but they were unable to keep it going and it was sold back to the Cearn Family who in 1934 leased it to Croydon Council on the condition that it would always be used a golf course for the general public. The pro then was Bert Hedges.
Hector Fudge

Hector Fudge, who joined Coulsdon Court in 1946

Since then the course has thrived and has seen a number of pros including:
  • Leslie Cotton
  • Bert Hedges
  • Doug Chapman
  • Colin Staff
  • Mike Homewood
  • David Copsey
  • James Leaver
  • Matt Asbury
Many famous golfers have played the course including Henry Cotton and his brother who played it regularly. Hector Fudge has been a professional at Coulsdon Court since May 1946 and still acts as a starter today. Hector joined Coulsdon in May 1946. He joined as an assistant pro and was only fourteen and half years old. Fascinating Facts
Henry Cotton's victory at Coulsdon Court
Here are some interesting facts about Coulsdon Court:
  • Over 150 different types of tree exist on the course - Byron used to bring cuttings back from his travels around Europe
  • No bombs were dropped on the course - despite members referring to the craters as bomb holes
  • The conifers on the 1st hole were planted in the 1980s, along with the Silver Birches between the 14th and 18th
  • Coulsdon Court had the first buggy in England
Henry Cotton's Victory at Coulsdon Court Read about Henry Cotton's match against Horton Smith at Coulsdon Court Click image to read more.

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